Saturday, September 14, 2013

Online Shopping!

I just got some amazing deals online at JCPenney. I bought some new lamps, to continue with the living room transformation. I am so exited!

                                      Modern Drama Faceted Table Lamp from JCPenney

These will go on top of the console table hubby made. To refresh your memory it looks like this:

                I also bought these floor lamps to replace the ones I purchased from Target.
                                                         These are the floor lamps:

I think they are going to look great next to the sofa:

Iim still unsure about the cushions I made from the Target placemats. They seem to compete with the painting so I was thinking about these I saw on etsy:

I will most like make the purchase, but I'm still debating on the cushions. I love me some cushions!!! 

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