Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Style ... a console you don't own yet

I haven't gotten very much sleep. This decorating assignment is tormenting me. To top it off, we are hosting a rather large event in September. Style Cure couldn't have planned this better. Deadline is on.

For my living room, I would like there to be:

  • enough seating areas
  • places to put drinks
  • places to put hors d'ouvres and appetizers
  • surface areas to have a drink station (perhaps this will have to be in the kitchen)
  • have the party flow freely to the deck but minimize the bugs entering into the house!
This may be a pretty tall order but if anyone has any ideas I would welcome them.

I am thinking of perhaps purchasing this budget friendly option for a long console table on the art wall.
Styling it maybe like this, but with art all around (I do not own these images, but found them. If they belong to you, or you know the source of the first one please share. Thank you!):

                                                                          (image via Krrrb)

I found this which is what I want ideally, just the wrong aesthetic (for me).

Of course, I can just imagine the table as the white MALM, and more modern kitschy accessories and one faux animal head that is this:

I just bought this off Amazon with gift certificates that had been just sitting in my purse. They have so many beautiful options. If you are interested in paying homage to the hipster faux head trend this could be yours, or this one, or my personal favorite here.

Well, I better try to get some shut eye, or the hubby will start to worry.

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