Monday, August 5, 2013

Style Cure Day #3

Yes, I missed a few days. Apartment Therapy  is hosting a Style Cure event this month. I've decided to take part. This is assignment number three.

Here are some before photos of my living room space. We have already painted the walls white and I will not be painting them another color. I am not against having an accent wall though. I'm partial to wallpaper, the easily removable kind of course.

Yes, that is a baby gate. My small dog likes to pee on things despite constantly being trained not to. 

The brick will not and cannot be painted. Despite my attempts at convincing the hubby to paint them white, that color they shall remain. 

Ignore the throw on the chair! The back wall there is also giving me trouble. I want to do a gallery wall,  console table, large round mirror- but again, current budget constraints! Like this:

Back to my living room:

I was thinking of adding wallpaper and shelving and storage unit to that back corner where the rocker is. Kind of like this:

Ours would be a much much smaller version, of course. Still unsure if budget wise this is a viable option for that space at this time. 

Here are some pictures of what I would like my space to look like: 

There you have it! Any constructive criticism would be most appreciated and welcome. Although, I guess ultimately the Style Cure shall dictate which direction I will take with the room transformation. Thanks y'all!


  1. I really like your idea of making the shelving area in the corner. The shelves would give you a place to really inject personality into the room. I think the photo with the wallpaper is spectacular...even that particular paper is great to me. Before you commit, I would suggest tacking up a sample or maybe a fabric swatch of similar pattern to the paper you choose. It may look great or may compete with the pattern of the brick. If the two patterns are too much, what about doing that wall in a solid knock-out color behind the shelves?

    The back yard looks like a nature park! I hope you get to spend a lot of time enjoying it. It just looks so peaceful.

    On your gallery you have several items on hand that could get you started? You could get the look going and then replace specific items with ones more like your ideal over time.

    1. Thank you so much! I do love our house. I should post pictures of what it looked like before.

      I really want to do that wallpaper nook too! I'm in love with that wallpaper but it is expensive. Talking to the hubby I don't think it will be a budget friendly project at this time, aside from the shelves. I do like your paint color idea. What color though? Despite my love of color I find a lot of my pictures lack color and so does my living room.

      I have tons of wall art! It's all in our home office just waiting for a spot on the wall. So sad.

      Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it.