Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Back!

I've been busy re-decorating and tweaking... and not doing my Style Cure homework. Then, they finally gave a homework assignment I can do: SHOP! In addition to shopping, we have recently inherited some furniture from the hubby's very sweet grandma. They are some wonderful midcentury pieces in pristine condition. Don't get me wrong, they need a bit of revamping to be good as new- meaning there might have to be some upholstery work done to the cushions... but ain't nobody got money or time for that right now! Below are some changes I've made. Let me know your thoughts!

Here is the before... 

                                  and the after... Not too different, right. Just more subtle. We added the coffee table (courtesy of grandma). The Danish modern chair, which I have not reupholstered. I did throw some IKEA fur throws over it and an IKEA cushion and called it a day. There are two of these awesome Danish chairs. I just didn't have enough fur throws. Down the road I was thinking of recovering them with velvet and some contrast piping? or should I go with a fun loud print? I have plenty of time to decide.


After. My faux deer head came. I don't know if that's where it will stay. That's where the hubby deems to think it belongs. I had originally ordered the bronze but didn't like the finish. I got some spray paint at Michael's and viola! Gold makes everything better :)


                                           After. I've already tweaked it again.. I moved that pesky plant out of the way. I purchased another floor lamp. and the side table is new. I'm still not sure about it. Them rather- I bought two. But the pillows I made out of Target placemats. I think they bring some much needed color to the space. The art above the sofa is getting changed. I'm going to try something with bold colors, probably an abstract.

                          I also revamped this little nook with some IKEA Besta cabinets.
It needs a little more, but I'm stumped for now.

                                                           It looked like this before:

Well, that's all for now. I'm sure I'll have more to share soon!

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  1. I really like the after of the living room, it is much more balanced feeling for some reason, it wouldn't seem that adding mismatch chairs would do that. And the besta cabinet fits in the corner space much better than the little table.